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I enjoyed the Life Coaching Sessions with Kesha. She really focuses on you the individual and guides you with helping you to make the most positive and beneficial impact on your life. She will give you the tools that will continue to make a lasting impact. I would recommend her Life Coaching to anyone ready to make that change.


I was very pleased with the services received through Impacting Mindsets Global. I appreciate the professional touch that Dr. Kesha gave, along with the time taken to explain, and walk through the details of my service. I also appreciated the energy, the level of care and commitment that was shown through the entire process.Not only that, but then there’s follow up care, which Dr. Kesha provided, after the services, which certainly shows that she cares.
I was so pleased with the services rendered by Dr. Kesha, that I shared her contact information with another professional with whom I am currently working with. Very grateful! Thank you!


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