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About US

Introducting the IM GLOBAL Team!

Dr. Kesha is the Founder and CEO of the IM GLOBAL brand. She is a social media influencer, strategist, soul coach, counselor, consultant, author, and motivational speaker who challenges, supports, and motivates her clients to reach their full potential. Dr. Kesha impacts mindsets globally. Her twenty-five years in education, coaching, and counseling training and certifications set her apart from others in the field. The imglobal brand provides the following services: coaching (personal development & relationship), Dating consultation, matchmaking, counseling (mental health & Christian), inner healing, motivational speaking, education consulting, (v) blogging, and curriculum development support with differentiated strategies and care.


Our Story

The concept was inspired by a dream in 2014 during a time of uncertainty and was established on May 5, 2017, as Mentors 4 Mentees with a focus on coaching and mentoring. During a Master Minds retreat in Jamaica, West Indies, the Founder was spirit led to renovate the business which involved rebranding. After a three-day consecration, Impacting Mindsets Global, or IM Global was received with a focus on life coaching, Christian counseling, motivational speaking, and consulting services. The mission is to facilitate transformational change of mindsets all over the globe.

Meet the Team

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