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About US

Introducting the IM GLOBAL Team!


Dr. Kesha is the Founder and CEO of the IM GLOBAL brand. She is a change agent who challenges, supports, and motivates her clients to reach their full potential while inspiring the masses. Her twenty-five years in education plus coaching & counseling certifications set her apart from others in the field. Through the power of faith and influence, Dr. Kesha provides soul coaching or personal development, relationship coaching, counseling, matchmaking, Christian counseling, inner healing, motivational speaking, education consulting, (v) blogging, and authorship with care, mindfulness, and strategies that affect long term change. 


Our Story

The business was launched on May 5, 2017, as Mentors 4 Mentees. The name was later changed to Impacting Mindsets Global or IM Global to reflect our new mission and vision which was and is to facilitate transformational change through coaching, counseling, consultation, and motivational speaking.  

Meet the Team

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