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Startup Coaching Woes

Startup Coaching Woes

One of the major struggles with startup coaching businesses is obtaining new clients. Why? Why do trained and certified individuals with background and expertise in their niche field have such a difficult time getting new clients?

Based on research, prospective clients need to know if there's value in your brand and in what you're offering. Clients also need to know whether you can deliver on said promise. However, is that really fair? Just like with anything new, coaching services should be tried and tested before an opinion is formed even if it's through a free or discounted consultation.

Life coaches should be given an opportunity similarly to new products, new restaurants, new doctors, new therapists, new teachers, and new relationships. You just don't know what it's going to be until you try it. Interestingly enough, new teachers even have to supply a teaching sample, but doctors are not even judged under the same standard. Yet, doctors have the capacity to do way more damage than any of the fields mentioned.

I remember the first time I choose a pediatrician for my children, there wasn't much vetting involved. I just simply made a decision based on my common understanding of how the healthcare system works. I didn't go to the doctor's school to confirm the legitimacy of their degree or whether they actually took the medical exam and/or looked into their grades. I chose a doctor based on referrals or availability or proximity.

It’s important to be comfortable with whomever you're going to work with, however, don't be so quick to dismiss a potentially great opportunity to get the service and support you need based on an unconfirmed bias? That coach may be the very one to help you get unstuck and help you complete your goals. Go to and get a free consultation today. What do you have to lose?

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