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Not So Funny Valentine

Whether you’re single by choice or by default, this blog is for you. Yup, you guessed it, dreadful Valentine’s Day (V-Day), it is upon us and we have no choice but to deal. So, brace yourself, as you scroll and see all the couples, romance expressions, lovely gestures, and the foreshadow of someday having or being a husband or wife.

This day, like no other, serves as a mirror or an unfriendly reminder that we (SINGLES) are out here: a whole single, not married, and not in a serious relationship… Bummer! Now, who needs to be reminded of that? Thanks, V-Day for reminding us of more of the same, and my status hasn’t changed...Ugh! Now… Breathe.

Anyway, salute to all those who are unbothered and unaffected by the programing and commercialism which is in V-Day. Let’s not forget that some people don’t struggle at all with the V-Day blues and shout out to you. It must feel great to not be pulled into the theatrics. I wish more singles would be comfortable in the season that they’re in.

Here are a few tips:

  • Try being happy for other people celebrating their love. When it’s your season, you would want people to do the same. The Bible says to rejoice with them that rejoice and that’s wisdom. The text speaks of how life has transitioned, therefore we should treat people like we want to be treated when our season comes along.

  • It’s only one day, don’t take it too seriously. This too will pass.

  • Treat yourself. Pamper yourself. Love yourself.

  • Avoid social media if necessary.

  • Breathe again.

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Dr. Kesha


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